Infinite Flight Mentorship Program (Update: Announcement Coming Soon)

I don’t think it needs to be official, but I would happily help here and there on a personal level.

Not at all, that won’t be a problem.

That is his choice, but Josh/Ewan’s/DC’s blacklist still applies regardless.

Hopefully this turns into something positive for the community.


Exactly. The people on that blacklist are there for a reason.

Perhaps I can rephrase. I meant that this program doesn’t seem to fit the definition of “realistic” as outlined by this:

I still stand by the statement regarding the backing from the mods. If I were a new user, I would much rather join an “official” training program than a privately made one that doesn’t have the same traction.


Special case organisation maybe?

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I personally would love this. I am newer to flight sims so this would be awesome for me

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Good topic, nice and thourough; well described.

Mentoring is of all times and is done often and in many different areas of personal, sportive and professional life. I’ve been a mentor for a couple of teenages and I loved it.

I think it makes only sense to do this in IF. In fact, I’m sure it is used already.
But for sure, this can be better organised.

In our church we have a mentor desk, a place (person - me!) where people can go if they are interested in mentoring someone. And of course, also people go there who want to walk side-by-side with someone for a while. That works well, but often mentor relationships start spontaniously.

I think in IF mentoring can happen not just for pilots, but for ATCs as well.

Let me know if I can help with something here!


This is the only real aspect that I’m not a fan of. If one decides to drop the program for one reason or another there certainly shouldn’t be any repercussion as the program is voluntary, not mandatory. Another board of supervisors is the last thing that the IFC needs.

I love everything about this idea otherwise, though @Maxmustang has a very good point that this has been attempted before. I don’t say that as a deterrent, but I do think it’s only fair that you’re aware. We have discussed ad nauseam different thoughts for welcoming and steering new members towards becoming good members of the IFC.


Out of respect and knowledge of myself, I could definitely benefit and grow as a VA pilot from this. I meet all of these requirements so I definitely want to join today! 2 things. Will you need any live account? I will be getting one in a few months. And 2. Will this teach me knowledge on when to start my descent and stuff? Oh I almost forgot. How do you join this?

So basically this is like JetBlue’s gateway program but for Infinite Flight? :)


Just out of my own curiosity, what kind of leadership structure do you hope to have for this? What have you done already, other than informing us of your idea, to help get this up and running? What other things do you hope to have to help build the structure of this program?


This is an absolutely great idea, and I’m all for it. But this is the only problem that I see arising, as “students” are not always fully committed and active. Just look at some Slack groups… Half to very little of members are active. If you can find a way to engage and interest your students, then you’ve overcome this problem.

On the brighter side, I would finally love to see more realism and professionalism come to Infinite Flight. Teaching people about departure / arrival plates and how to become better pilots in general, is a great idea.


Looking forward to it

As this program is in the infancy stages I would like everyone to know that a team is being formed now and we will have an announcement soon as to where the program is and where we are heading.

Chris Levet


I’d love to do help this program launch.

Can’t really wait. I’m new to piloting, read tutorials, watch youtube videos but I’m sure I will be amazed at the lack of information if I attend the mentee program

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I really like the idea, but that could take quite a bit of code and right now the developers are really busy with global. Not gonna lie, I love the idea, but I won’t expect it to come anytime soon until after global.

We are no way affiliated with FDS… We are a separate group that has highly skilled mentors to train and teach pilots that would like to gain their knowledge in flying


How do I join as a mentor?

I believe the applications and spots for mentors are now closed.


Well dang. I could of used my RW experience to help them.

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