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imageedit_15_2337973866 About IFMP

The Infinite Flight Mentorship Program was designed and implemented with the aspiring pilot in mind, under the supervision and guidance of a mentor the mentee will be given a definitive set of materials to develop and graduate to then become a mentor continuing the germination of better educated and experienced pilots. The Infinite Flight Mentorship Program was founded by @Levet, who is now an Infinite Flight Community Moderator, in Summer 2017 and our goal is to have our highly skilled mentors user their pilot knowledge to instruct student pilots. IFMP is a great organization to join if your having trouble operating your aircraft, trouble with using ATC, or simply just flight planning! We now also have a brand new Pilot Handbook that covers almost everything that has to do with flying in Infinite Flight.

Our mission is to inspire and develop pilots sharing experiences and knowledge with a system of superiors and subordinates who employ a realistic flying atmosphere within the Infinite Flight Simulator. IFMP will serve as a “roadmap” for pilots to gain pilot knowledge and to see where they can improve their pilot skills.

imageedit_15_2337973866 New and Improved Programs

We are proud to announce that we now have a brand new way of teaching for our Basic Program! Now lets go over what programs we offer. Check them out below!

Basic Pilot Training Program


Our Basic Pilot Training Program is our most popular program and is the program that all IFMP Students start out at. We have recently revamped our Basic Program with the help from @Brandon_Sandstrom, our very own Lead Mentor. We now have a brand new Class Syllabus with 5 classes for this program so lets go over it briefly.


In this class, mentors will go through everything that a pilot can possibly learn on the ground. That includes flight rules, weather, instrumentation, airport markings, ground procedures, traffic patterns, communication, and flight planning. You will then take a written test at the end of Class 1 once you feel ready to take it.


The student pilot(s) and the Mentor will go out to an airfield and the pilot(s) will demonstrate Ground Procedures as well as flying a pattern. The student pilot(s) will then get a pre and post brief on how to fly a pattern. Also, Mentors will assess the student pilot(s) Unicom usage.


The Mentor and the student pilot(s) will start a cross country flight the student pilot will plan the whole flight by themselves using knowledge from previous classes. The Mentor will then let the student pilot plan the flight and then the Mentor will check and verify the flight.


Air traffic control is introduced and Live ATC is used while operating aircraft. The Mentor will stay on ground at the airfield and watch and listen to the students flying the patterns. The student pilot(s) will be briefed once again by the Mentors before starting. There will also be a post brief to go over any questions or what could have been done better.


The student pilot(s) will start a cross country flight by using all previous class information. At least one touch and go will need to be made within the flight. Live ATC will be used within the flight and the student pilot(s) will complete everything by themselves without assistance from the Mentor. The Mentors will always be open to questions. (Student will need to study the whole Handbook)

A Cessna 172 or Cessna 208 will be used in this Basic Training Program.

Aircraft Training


We also offer another program which is teaching students how to fly certain types of aircraft. This program will only be available for Students who take our Basic Program Course first. For example, we can teach how to use certain systems of certain aircraft, how to land aircraft, how to use APPR, and much more! Go take the Basic Program Course to start your Aircraft Training today!

Advanced Flight Planning and Chart Reading

Advanced Flight Planning and Chart Reading

Our Advanced Flight Planning and Chart Reading Course is also a course that is available after you have taken our Basic Program Course. Flight Planning is crucial for flying long distances and plays a big role in your flight. The Class 1 in our Basic Program Course teaches how to Plan a Flight briefly but in this program, you will be one-on-one with an experienced Mentor. Also, how to read charts is in this program which also play a huge role in your flight on Approaches, Departures, and at an Airport. Start our Basic Program today to work your way to this program!

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imageedit_15_2337973866 Become a IFMP Student Today!

Infinite Flight Mentorship Program is currently open for students to join! We have a certain recruitment process that we have to join IFMP as a student so please follow the instructions below.

Students with last name beginning with A-L, please contact @ewanfleming to join IFMP.

Students with last name beginning with M-Z, please contact @Insertusernamehere to join IFMP.

We are looking forward to teaching and working with all our Student Pilots! Our Mentors are ready to share and teach their pilot knowledge to our IFMP Student Pilots.

After joining our slack group, you will be greeted by one of our Mentors, Supervisors, or Staff and then will be instructed to sign up for Class 1 in #class-scheduling. You will then request to join the class and the mentor will add you in the class. Each class will be done in a Group DM and the Mentors are always open for questions!

Check out our Crew Here!


@Brandon_Kreuter - Co-Owner
@Wren - Co-Owner

@DeerCrusher - Supervisor
@Axel_B - Supervisor
@Nathan - Supervisor

@Levet - Advisor/Moderator


@Brandon_Sandstrom - Lead Mentor

@Matt - Mentor
@Vari2ty - Mentor
@dush19 - New Mentor
@Panther - New Mentor
@ThomasR - New Mentor

imageedit_15_2337973866Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

We are indeed looking for 2-3 more mentors for teaching pilot classes. We do expect that our mentors remain active and at least hold 2-3 classes every 2 weeks. The Staff at IFMP made teaching classes the easiest it could be for our mentors. We also do ask that you are at least 16 years old and have a clean history of being a member here on the Infinite Flight Community. (We have the right to accept or deny anyone)

If you are interested in applying, please contact one of our recruiters, as stated above, and we will add you to the list to be tested. Each Applicant will go through written and possibly a practical test to ensure we are hiring a pilot with the correct pilot knowledge.

Come join IFMP and Learn to Fly the Infinite Skies Today!

Infinite Flight Mentorship Program is in no way affiliated with Flying Development Studios.


I would be a mentor, but I have 4 years until the age limit 😭 Please?

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So, you’re not even old to be on this forum? 🙄


Well sorry, I didn’t know there was an age limit, I’ll leave immediately kthxbye 😂

Can I still apply to be a mentor if I am a few months from being 16?

How is this so hard to understand?


Already messaged to become a mentor


Hello Everyone!

We are still looking for 1-2 more mentors so contact one of our recruiters today! We have an advanced Teaching system for our mentors which makes it the easiest it can be to teach classes. See You in the Skies!

IFMP Staff


We are proud to announce that we have added 3 new mentors!

New Mentors:


They are still getting a grip for our program and will be great additions to the Mentor Team. We are excited for them to use their pilot knowledge to train and instruct our Student Pilots. If you are interested in becoming a IFMP Student Pilot, feel free to follow the steps above to join and improve your pilot knowledge! See You in the Skies!



Hello! This certainly seems interesting, and I’ve decided to try it out as a student! I have already messaged Insertusernamehere, but he hasn’t been on the IFC for over 2 weeks… should I keep waiting?

Recruitment Update:

As @insertusernamehere has recently kind of disappeared from the forum: he obviously can’t be recruiting.
So, if you’d like to join the program, no matter what your name is, please message me (@ewanfleming) and I will be happy to help.
On behalf of the IFMP staff,

@anon36571935 this should help :)



We would like to take a minute to welcome @Lars and @Jose_Oscana to the team.

They have joined the ranks as Mentors!

Don’t forget to have a look at our new Live Thread “IFMP Question of the day”

IFMP Question of the day

IFMP Question of the day | 1/23/18 Answer posted

Do you have a strong willingness to learn?

Can you set aside a few hours a week?

Contact Us!

If you would like to sign up as a student, please contact our recruiter @ewanfleming



Thanks for the welcome :)
Maybe an information for the students. I live in Germany so it’s UTC+1h.
If you have any questions about flying, planning or atc, I will do my best to give you an answer.