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How to become a member?

We closed our application process to become a Mentor (instructor). Once we open up the process again be sure to check back in and take our entrance exam to see if you qualify.

What are your admission criteria?

If you PM @Insertusernamehere or @ewanfleming I’m sure they would be more then happy to assist you with any questions you may have.



Hello Infinite Flight Community,

I am coming to you today as the mouth piece of the entire Infinite Flight Mentor Program staff team with some pretty exciting news. We have decided to partner up with British Airways Virtual in order to both better the flying of their pilots and the enjoyability of this wonderful Virtual Airline. I hear you asking “What does this actually mean?”. Well here is your answer:

  • Students who have completed our Basic Course will start their British Airways career as a Senior First Officer

  • A student who has Type Rated on an aircraft may now direct entry at the airline they hold the qualification in. NOTE: This only applies on aircraft smaller than a 777

  • A British Airways Pilot who has been ghosted twice in the past 90 days must complete our Basic Course and if they have already completed this course, they must resit both the practical and written exam.

  • A pilot who is below the grade requirement, but has completed the Basic Course may still join the Virtual Airline but not at the rank of Senior First Officer.

We hope you can bear with us as we adapt and change our system to suit the needs of our community.

As always, have a nice evening


It was an honor teaching Class 1 with such great students! Can’t wait to help teach others too! If you join your aviation knowledge will skyrocket


So are other VAs allowed to “recruit” the pilots before they graduate? Just like in real life…


Obviously our students are allowed to join whichever Virtual Airline they want but VA reps will not be permitted in our slack with intent to recruit whilst they train. However, British Airways provides privileges to “alumni” encouraging people to go there, whilst we get to teach more pilots- it is a win, win situation. I find it hard to picture a point in time when we would only serve a handful of VAs.

We are still looking for more Virtual Airlines to partner with, if any VAs out there are interested PM myself and @Brandon_K

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Okay, i just cleaned up a bit in here… i think some of you very well know why.
Some discussions are more appropriate to conduct via PM, and the stuff i just cleaned up was one of those discussions.


Been waiting on a reply from @Insertusernamehere yet no reply. Looking to go through the whole scheme of training. Can someone attest pm me to start.

Are you wanting to become a student, or a Virtual Airline partner? If it is regarding becoming a student, have patience and I am sure @Insertusernamehere will reply as soon as possible ;-)

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Student. Been waiting almost 2 days and no reply.

John is currently vacationing and. will be back to normal soon. If you could invite @ewanfleming we can get you invited before John returns. Thanks!


Are there specific hours you have to be on?? Thanks!

Not really, we have tried to pick mentors in a range of timezones to accommodate all nationalities of students. Our system is that mentors schedule classes in #class-scheduling (slack channel), and then students can sign up to whichever class suits them at a time which suits them. Sound good? PM @ewanfleming for a slack invite!

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Why not have a channel in your Slack for VA reps?

Because, we don’t want students being badgered by Virtual Airlines to join their’s once they graduate. They should be able to make their own choice without having to disappoint anyone. IFMP is a place of learning not soliciting…


Final question- Is Slack something you have to download?

It’s is a communication app for teams - available on IOS & Android.

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Okay, Thanks so much!

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