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Attention Infinite Flight Pilots,

The Infinite Flight Mentorship Program is elated to announce that we have finished the mentor recruitment process and we are happy to announce that we had a successful week of bringing in experienced supervisors and mentors which serve as the foundation of our program. At this time we would like to present our whole team to the community as we move forward and open applications for pilots to enter our program:

Mentor/Staff List

Staff - @Levet , @Wren and @Brandon_K

Recruiters - @Insertusernamehere and @Ewanfleming

Supervisors - @DeerCrusher , @BluePanda900 and @Nathan

Head Mentor - @Brandon_Sandstrom | | Mentor Consultant - @Axel_B

As well as a group of mentors, anxious and ready to start teaching you!. We will not be mass recruiting like this any time in the foreseeable future. Instead it will be done on a case by case basis, as recommended by myself, so just don’t muck up and you could be in with a shot.

And that is the subject of this entire post - we are ready. Ready to teach and spread our collective knowledge to the greater Infinite Flight Community. As of right now, we are recruiting students who wish to undertake our Basic Pilot Program as for every other course, a valid certificate must be shown to begin. And here are our other courses for those who are wondering:

  • Main Program : Basic Pilot Program (Includes all Pilot Knowledge)

  • Specific Aircraft Training - Type Rating

  • SimBrief Training

  • SID/STAR Chart Training

For each program we have specialised mentors, to ensure that you the student, get the best and most consistent training possible.

If you wish to enroll, please follow these steps:

  • Contact one of our recruiters based on your last name-
    @ewanfleming if your last name begins with A-L
    @Insertusernamehere if your last name begins with M-Z.

  • Join our slack and message and signup for any class you wish. However, all five courses must be completed for a full certificate.

  • Choose to specialise through one of our add on courses

  • Fly professionally and safely

I hope to see many of you in the IFMP Slack Group soon!

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@Wren. MaxAsks: A Staff/Mentor List and there qualifications please. (Announcement List incomplete. Staff noted. Who are the individual Mentors & there qualifications)

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What did you need this?


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The staff/mentor list is up there, just click on the triangle next to the ‘Staff/Mentor List’

And with regards to their qualifications, many of them are private pilots, or on the way to becoming one. Each mentor had to pass a pretty detailed test to be here so I can assure you they are fit for their position. We also have @Axel_B vetting each mentor to ensure the standards do not slip.


@Wren… MaxSez: An impressive list. Know them or of them. Fine Start. I wish you great success. This program has been envisioned from the start of IF. After a few false starts its Launched Professionally by volunteers… Well Done (BZ)!



Thanks Max, great to hear from someone of your experience with both the forum and the simulator!


Simulator Wren, simulator ;)


Contact one of our recruiters today! We have classes available.


Glad to be a part of this great team! Students will not be disappointed.


Nice logo looks so awesome

We are happy to welcome our first three students as they check into our pre organised and scheduled classes. We have a new proposition for the Infinite Flight Community, We have been thinking about partnering up with Virtual Airlines for some time and have decided the time is right. If you are interested in your Virtual Airline becoming partnered with the program, do not hesitate to message myself and @Brandon_K today. Enjoy your evening guys!


If you like that, you should see our training program :-)


Ok I will check it out 😊

I am interested learning how to fly the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

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To undergo a type rating course, you must first complete our basic course. To do so, please PM a recruiter as mentioned in the initial post.

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Fellow IFC Members

Lots of spots are still available for this weekends training schedule. Please sign up by contacting one of our recruiters @ewanfleming (if your last name begins A-L) or @Insertusernamehere (if your last name begins with M-Z).


We are glad to announce that we had our first Class earlier today and it was very successful! The Student Pilots that were in today’s class learned so much and will continue to learn more! For more information and to take part in the upcoming classes, please contact our recruiters above!


what exactly does you do?

Have you read the initial post of this thread? It explains exactly what they do.

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As @Carrots4Luke1stated please read our entire original post. If you are interested in entering our program please contact one of our recruiters.

PS- any Grade Level is welcomed into our program since we offer training for all experience levels.

Take Care,
Chris Levet

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