Infinite Flight meets Real Life

So, today to test the accuracy of infinite flight to the real word, I decided to mirror my buddy cliffs fedex flight. This was his first flight as captain so I thought it would be cool to recreate it.
Flight Details…
FedEx 1932
Boeing 757–200
Route: DTW–EWR
Flight Time: 1 hour and 5 minutes
Altitude: FL.310
My Flight:
Same Route and Altitude
Difference: Weight, Speed and Time
My cargo was 30,000IBS
Time in flight was 1 hour 5 minutes
Cruise Speed was M.75

Below are screenshots of both flights



Looks like an interesting flight, however I would reccomend posting about this flight in the Global Flight - The Log Book. If we had threads where people announce their flights everyday, the #live section would be very cluttered. For more info regarding the #live category you can refer to the post About the Live Category.

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Hi there while I appreciate the comment, this isn’t about my routes I flown! This thread is about how accurate IF global is to the real world! Thanks for the suggestion.


So what are the differences? It looks like both flights were 1 hour and 5 minutes. Did fly the same speed as the real world flight? Did you use the same STAR? It looks like it’s the same to me…


I would still recommend posting this in the Global flight logbook, as this is an unnecessary topic. (link can be found in my previous post)

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I did! That was my whole point. I wanted to see if they would match up.

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Mirrored a real flight in real time...IF was incredibly accurate!.

This is what I was getting out of this post


Gotcha! You said the differences were weight, speed, and time in the OP. It might make it clear to have a little section devoted to findings, in case people don’t read down this far.

Super cool experiment, it’s amazing to see just how accurate this sim is!

Ok my bad, carry on then!

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Gotcha! Will keep in mind for the next thread thanks for the feedback.
The only available information I had was from flight aware, do I did my best to guess on what the weight and Mach number would be

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That’s very cool. I have been able mirror IRL Commercial flights a few times so far.

SAS / SK940 - KLAX to ESSA
Lufthansa / LH740 - EDDF to RJBB
Asiana / OZ201 - KLAX to RKSI

It’s a great amount of realism and fun experience that is put in when mirroring a ILR flight whether that be a Commercial one with pax or cargo, or in your case your friends flight :)


I totally agree! It’s super neat and amazing accurate


Good to hear that IF is matching up with realistic physics and flight dynamics. One of he reasons I love IF.

Congratulations to your friend Cliff on getting his command with FedEx as well, bet he has some interesting stories to tell!

Clear skies

Ahem… 🚨🚨 Mini Modding alert 🚨🚨

@N1DG looks very interesting. I’ve tried to replicate some flights before but never to this level of accuracy… Congratulations I suppose!


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