Infinite Flight Media Services - (Discontinued)

Infinite Flight Media Services is a company used to help users of the Infinite Flight Community have all of their media needs taken care of. From videos, to photographs, we can do it all.

Our Website:

What We Do

Here is a list of what we can do for your airline or event!


We can photograph your event
We can videograph your event
We can make a trailer for your event
We can make a summary video of your event
We can make a time lapse of your event


We can photograph your airline
We can videograph your airline
We can make a trailer for your airline
We can make a fleet video of your airline

We will only provide services that have been officially approved by the IFVARB

Other Information

We make weekly youtube videos found on my youtube channel:

You can recommend the airline, and aircraft you would like to be showcased.



To send in a request for service, just click on the link to the right of this. IFMS Request

Please note that we will only respond to quest with all requested information.


To join the team, you must fill out a google form.

The form will ask a few questions about your experience and knowledge.

To find out more about what our team does, please click HERE.

Infinite Flight Media Services Job Application

Infinite Flight Photography and Videography Services (IFPVS) Application
Our Team

Questions? PM @JRRaviation

This form had to be recreated due to issues with our old one


Hey! I love the idea of a professional media team to help out the community with their needs.

However, I do need to point out that your channel link might be wrong, as when I click it, it redirects me to a “Channel does not exist” page.

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This looks really cool! I’ll look into this if I run a big event!

This is our corrected YouTube link! Sorry about any trouble!

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