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Infinite Flight Media Group

Infinite Flight On the next level

I am happy to announce to this community today a new, modern media group to stand out from the crowd. Due to the high popularity of groups of these kind I came up with the idea of making one myself with the helping hand from two very good friends.
We want to broadcast breath taking videos and images of gameplay footage of this flight simulator and to show people that with one flight sim you can do a lot.

We have some great original ideas and designs and will be hosting events in the very close and near future. All events will be highlighted so no-one misses the opportunities to attend.

Social Media
We couldn’t be a media group with out some sort of platform/s to use.

Twitter :
YouTube- Upon construction and maintenance will be announced when re-opened


We advice you to take a look at our modern styled website to find addition information, our blog and some of our unique media files.

If you want to join IFMG then fear no more as it is very simple, all you have to do is Join us and fill out our simple application, we can asure you will recive an email back within 24 hrs with your very own badge and callsign as well as an ivitation to our discord server.

Badge example;

callsign example

IFMG 000 (custom 3 digit number)

Our Team
The team works around the clock to ensure all our members and media platforms are looking professional. We currently have 3 main stream members of leadership;

Owner: @pidge
Chief Officer: @J9J9T
Head Tester: @binary

However we have got some openings in leadership to turn up in the near future

We hope you take interest with our group and wish for you all to take one of our memberships up.



That’s nice 👍🏻. Let me see If I can make it :P

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Thanks means a lot! hopefully you can.

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I submitted a form. You can check it right? Also the website looks cool and adjusted to mobile which is perfect!

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we have responded, please check your email inbox.

Sure thank you! Byebye!

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Quick question. I might be interested in graphic designing for your group (e.g. editing photos, etc). Any positions available in that area?

Dm me on this forum and we can talk

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