Infinite Flight: massive lag on Galaxy S5.

Hello, I wasn’t having this problem until now. I had all of my background apps closed, and I even moved IF to my SD card, but to no avail.
The loading screen takes 1 minute before going yo the calibration screen, and takes 10 a lot to fully appear.
Graphics are:
Water: low.
Planes: medium.
Anti-Aliasing: off.

I can’t figure out why it started lagging, it was working fine just an hour ago.

My phone is:
Samsung Galaxy S5.
Android 5.0.
No rooting has been done.

I recently bought more scenarios and planes, but it can’t be that.

Ideas guys?

Does it continue to be lagging after rebooting your phone?

Pretty sure it’s your internet that is lagging …

If not then reboot your phone or try deleting and downloading Infinite flight again

Let me know what happens :)

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Yes. I even had to reboot by removing the battery due to Chrome just freezing.

Re download it …

Also see if your internet is working proply

Internet isn’t a problem, since I use Solo only.

Did u redownload load it ?

I’ll give it a shot. I use Solo only, so internet connection shouldn’t be a problem.

I was pretty sure I put this on Support.

Ok let me know what happens

No it’s in General now

Moved it just now.

Thanks for that

I’ll redownload tomorrow, WIFI is something I don’t have now, so I’m with mobile data.

Ok Merry Christmas

Is it possible that Android is in fact the problem?

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I don’t think that’s the problem because a lot of android users have no issues

Well, I had to reset to factory settings after I had problems with the A321 update.

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I can’t tell. Though I read a comment of David Israel about this problem. But I can’t remember where did I see it.