Infinite Flight March Update is here!

Hello Everyone,

Our next update is being deployed to Android as we’re typing those words. iOS will be pushed to review shortly (Apple’s services are down for the moment).

Here’s a list of the new things that are coming in this update:
• New Dash 8-Q400 with 25 liveries
• Reworked User Interface
• Map now shows terrain with optional collision map
• Better flight planning and map interfaces
• Better support for large screen devices
• New grading system in Live for server access
• Live status now shows more information about the active flights and open ATC facilities

Now, some more details on those features…

Dash 8-Q400

This is the first twin turbo prop airplane to come to Infinite Flight. We have worked closely with actual pilots of the Dash 8 to make sure the flight model is as real as it gets. Since turbo props are quite different beasts, here are a few tips:

  • The Dash 8 is much lighter than the jets we all got used to in Infinite Flight, so the various speeds to use in all configurations are much lower. They can sometimes feel too low.
  • Landing the Dash 8 in normal configuration will be with Flaps 15, not 35.
  • Flaps 35 are only used for steep approaches
  • The typical cruise speed is at 25,000ft (FL250) at 240kts.

Stall Speeds at 24 tons:

  • Flaps 0: 117 kts
  • Flaps 5: 108 kts
  • Flaps 10: 100 kts
  • Flaps 15: 96 kts
  • Flaps 35: 91 kts (yes, 91 kts!)

Landings Speeds at 24 tons:

  • Flaps 10: 122 kts
  • Flaps 15: 118 kts
  • Flaps 35: 112 kts

We encourage you guys to listen to this week’s episode of Flight Cast that will give you plenty of information about flying Twin Turboprop airplanes.

New Map Features

We have reworked the interface for the map. You can now easily create flight plans by tapping on items, then selecting the direct-to or + options. We have also reworked the airport information page to include more information including METARs and TAFs. And finally, we are now showing a terrain warning map. Terrain is yellow when it is less than 1,000ft below you, and red with it’s less than 100ft below or higher than your current altitude.

Grading System

The new grading system we introduced in December of last year is now in place. We do not rely on Standing and XP anymore to determine who can join a server. The system now agregates a few key elements of the pilot past performance to establish a grade. Grades go from 1 to 5.

You can now clearly see in the User Account page what your grade is, and what you are missing to get to the next grade up.

Here’s an example:

This pilot is missing 3 hours of flight time and 64 landings within the last 90 days to get to Grade 5

This system is still experimental, we think the configuration here is pretty good so far.
Note that to access the Advanced Server, you need to be of Grade 3.

New Interface

We have reworked the user interface to make things easier to find and to give the app a more modern look. The functionalities remain more or less the same.

Events Visibility

The main page now includes a section that shows the latest news and events. We pull the events from the Live/Events category in this forum. Make sure you respect the format of the events to be included. We set up moderation on this category in the future.
And to make sure you don’t miss events, we added the ability to add events to your device calendar directly from within the app.

Live Map

The main menu background now shows a map of the activity on all servers. It is refreshed periodically.

Live Status

The ATC and Pilot sections in Live now show a better view of the current status for each server. The list shows the incoming airplanes for each airports as well as the active ATC positions.

iPad Pro Support

We’ve added support for the iPad Pro and made general improvements to how the interface is rendered across the wide range of device screens we support.

As usual, please take a few seconds to update your reviews in the App Store and Google Play Store. Your reviews are really important to us.

We are now full steam on the next update, make sure you follow us here, on Facebook and Twitter


Thanks for all your hard work Matt and the Dev team :), gonna enjoy it

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I think im in Grade 4 atm. Nice feature, hope to see the update

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Where we can check our grade online?

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Thx matt and all Dev team keep the good work guys

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How do you only have 351K xp with 346 hours?