Infinite flight map not working

Yes my profile bio is true but I needed your help

I was trying to perform a flight from KSLC-KSFO and it wouldn’t want to load the runways or all the waypoints

even along the way, there was no waypoints

Also upon spawning in


Saw some brief reports of this 15-20 minutes ago, but it was fine shortly thereafter. Not sure what happened.

Is it still the same after restarting the app?


Oh yes forgot to say

I have tried:
•Uninstalling it, and getting it back
•Restarting my phone

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And it still won’t load?

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That’s right

Looks like one of our service providers are having issues.
It’s being troubleshooted by them :)

So what can I do


There’s not much else to do I’m afraid.
Maybe try another area in the app that is cached better in your vicinity, that could work :)

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I’ll try my hone airport and if not I guess just wait

Nope it doesn’t work so back into hibernation mode

I reported this earlier in the week and allegedly its not an issue. I still don’t believe that cause it looks pretty screwed up.

Not sure what was going on at that point, but now there is a confirmed issue:

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