Infinite Flight Malfunction

Infinite Flight is not working. I opened the app but it closed out. It is asking to either restart( which I did) the app or close it. All of these options I have did. I even went to Google Play store to reinstall the app and STILL it says the exact thing.
This app is being used on an Android device ( Galaxy J3 Mission).
Any Suggestions???

I don’t believe that your device meets the requirements for Version 18.1.

Basically the J3 doesn’t support Open GL3.0.

I was just playing Infinite Flight on my phone ever since Global came out. So that I don’t understand.

Odd, what are your device specs then? And you are certain you were flying with the updated 15m imagery?

To be honest, I’m not sure. I was just playing it last night and today it’s just not working.

Try freeing up some storage on your device and force close all background apps. Then relaunch Infinite Flight.

Ok I’m going to try it

I freed up storage space and the same thing happened.

Did you restart your device as well?

Let me try it and I’ll be back

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IT WORKED !!! I’m back in action !!! Thank you guys sooo much. Have a blessed day 😀😁