Infinite Flight made it to another real world airline!

This is the real FedEx Express page! All the devs and staff should be proud of themselves for the realism this app contains.


I haven’t seen anything regarding IF appearing in another airline, maybe I didn’t notice it. May I ask what was that other airline that featured IF?

I believe it was UPS, Lufthansa or someone else, but it happened last year…

I recently joined the IFC so it makes sense that I wouldn’t now about this.


Totally understandable lol, I just remember seeing it one Instagram thinking I was fooling myself, but it was the real deal. Btw welcome to IFC :)

It was Thai if i remember correctly

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I thought it was SAS…

This have occured more than once before. SAS did it once, and there have also been others. Don’t remember which airline.

Really nice PR, for sure!


Awesome! @Trio got a retweet from Cessna while flying the C750 in IF.

Can you find a link for that?

Yep here it is:

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At the time I didn’t know it was that big of a deal but yeah…


Here is the SAS one

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