Infinite flight low quality

I recently updated my infinite flight app and I have had issues with the picture quality, the quality is really low and the plane livery’s are coming out blurry. I don’t think it has something to do with my device not supporting the app because I have a fairly new iPad Pro from 2017. If anyone can help me with this matter please reach out.

What are your graphic settings are you using?
I would recommend high graphics settings for a clearer and better quality

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Try changing the graphic and resolution qualities in settings

Try to change the quality to (high) from graphics settings. Also, you could turn on the Anti-Aliasing.

I hope that solves your issue!

The update set graphic settings to Low as default.

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Yes I only just realised that the quality settings were on low, but thank you

The system was changed in 19.2 hence it got set to a lower setting when you updated the application.

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