Infinite flight look better?

I run my infinite flight on the iPad 2
And when I’m on live I have the airplane graphics high and the airplane count high/veryhigh but sometimes I can’t see all the planes, any help?

It’s because of the draw distance infinite flight has set. Every device does this to increase performance

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But sometimes I can’t see them when they are next to me? Why?

iPad 2 or iPad Air 2?

The iPad 2 is a rather old device nowadays (Compared to the recent technology) so it may not display all of the aircraft to prevent (even more) excessive battery loss, lagging, etc.?

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If you can’t see them next to you then that is a problem. Bug perhaps.

If you want, you can move this to bugs and make the title directly say what you want.

Try to delete some apps and pictures that’s what I did and I run my infinite flight on all high settings and it works fine

The iPad 2 is a not new it’s one of the older models try to look in settings or mabey it’s just your iPad hope this is a help

What do you see? 4 dots? well. Read the below discussion

Do you think updating an iPad 2 will help or hinder performance on IF?

Like updating software?

Yes sorry. I mean from os 8 to 9.2