Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Record (30 Hour Minimum to Submit)


If you’re a pilot, you don’t just sit there doing nothing. You talk to ATC, monitor progress, decipher the METAR, etc. In IF, you takeoff, if there’s Dep ATC, great, you might get vectored for 15 min. After that, you let the AP fly 50 hours. And that’s it


Its called a flight planning milestone. You dont just set it up at one FL the entire flight there is monitoring your systems as you do IRL, there is checking ahead to make sure you arent crashing, there is no center to contact so cant really do anything there, you check in your arrival airport for weather regularly, and you make sure your fuel is good and weight to adjust FL. Nothing different really than IRL on long hauls. On the average you may find a LH pilot spends 10min actually doing something more than just monitoring. If that doesnt sound fun than maybe dont pursue being a pilot. I can tell you it is a lot of monitoring rather than hands in flying


I’m aware, I do longer flights on Vatsim, where there’s more to do than just watching the scenery go by. On IF, I dont find it enjoyable to do more than an hour hop, or just pattern work. I am working to be a Fighter pilot already. Already a Crew Chief for the USAF. Eventually I’ll transition to commercial.


Do you actually believe that people stare at a screen all day?

As far as I know this is off topic but let me say that; fighter pilots get bored during long flights. Hours / days of planning for: 4 hours flights to the action place (Mirage 2000 pilots in central Africa); 30 minutes in place (Afghanistan’s JTACs sometimes needed more time); and the same time during the return flight. You end up seated in a sometimes not so comfortable seat for 9 hours.

What I want to mean by that… (well i forgot)

Ah yeah, this is the job of a pilot to watch the scenery in a way because monitoring screens is done every 3 to 10 minutes (I guess).


No, I’d be concerned if you did.

As for a Fighter Pilot, it’s not a boring job at all, even when you’re just at cruise, you’re doing something. I know for a fact.


I saw that guy flying NK yesterday


My plan for a 115 hour flight did not end as planned. Was just short of 54 hours when the game crashed


Hell. I am currently going to attempt to fly for 68hr, around the world two time in a 787-10 Boeing, call sign is calaero and the Plane registered is 78710. The plane is currently at 27hr and still flying.


LTBA to LTBA around the globe with 500 passengers - 48hrs 15mns Airbus A380-800, landed to refuel twice.


How much fuel did you use?


Hey there,
I’m interested in beating the record, please confirm if landing (for refuelling) then continuing on a flight is allowed or not? Also what stops us from going from say EGLL to YSSY and back to EGLL and just doing multiple loops only landing for fuel?
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Very epic @Captain_Shami


Not interested unless it’s done while awake. Can be done while streaming. No problem reading, audiobooking, drawing, eating, restroom, hygiene, etc, and maybe even a power nap every now and again so you dont die IRL… Otherwise this turns into coordinating a refueling from another player every now and again and you could go on indefinitely and live life as normal. It’s bad enough that pretty much everyone I see already takes off, sleeps, wakes up, then lands (why?) so I dont really see the point. Maybe if the restriction was no autopilot or something akin to that, it would be interesting.


My longest flight is 15 hours 20 minutes on an Emirates Boeing 777-200LR cruising at 37000 feet and a speed of Mach 0.84. I plan on doing a longer route as well sometime.


So then I’m guessing we can hop from airport to airport then.


Yeah. I did a non-stop flight that was 26h13m (without landing or mid-air refueling) on the training server from KJFK-YBTL.


Mission: complete a multi-stop flight taking more than 72 hours. On it!
Times are purely based off google flight times and may be wrong.
@MarkAviation, do you approve?


I would take care because there is a bug that around 60 hours your engine will shut off. Good luck on your flight however