Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Record (30 Hour Minimum to Submit)

  1. DOH-LAX Qatar B777-30ER
  2. LHR-LAX Virgin Atlantic B787
  3. FRA-MIA Lufthansa A380


Can’t delete oof,


Device on flames after that 😂


@Panther how long was your flight?


71hrs 13min. This is without landing!


A 380 my dear



54h, no refuel, no landings

(I crashed because landing was at 4am, couldnt wake up)


How do you not refuel?


Why is there a 30 hour minimum? I saw a pic of a guy with a 58 hour flight.


30 hour minimum. That means anyone is allowed to have a flight time longer.




Can you explain how that was possible? I haven’t flown that aircraft myself so I’m not sure about it’s fuel burn.


30 hours minimum? Ya’ll must hate your electronics…who even has time for a 2 hour long flight, let a lone 50 and 60


I do I have time for anything related to aviation…


I mean, I do too, but on IF, what do you do besides watch the scenery go by?


Well, in my case nothing. Just admire the aircraft and the beauty of planet earth, which we are lucky to have on Infinite Flight.


For 30 hours?


Or you could do something else during that time? You know like spend time with friends or family, go to work, etc? Just leave your device at home. Thats what I did for all my ULH flights


So, you’re really not flying then. You takeoff, turn on autopilot for 50 hours and land, 10 min of you flying, 49 hours and 50 min the autopilot. Some milestone🙄


That basically goes to say about IRL pilots too, flying these Long Hauls and ULH flights for 10, 12, or even 18 hours straight.

Takeoff - AP - Landing = Flight Completed

They’re not really flying either since the AP takes care of it all, so the plane is simply flying on its own, by itself ;)

That’s the power of our modern day technology.

Hence why I have flights ranging from 24hrs to 60hrs in IF. The AP takes care of it. Which I rarely do but have done a couple of times in the past year or so.