Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Record (30 Hour Minimum to Submit)


Alight so did not se it.


I’m not taking about staff.


Auckland - Rome


Sorry but the flight has to be a minimum of 30 hours to submit it.


You guys don’t fly for long :D I’m currently flying my 168-hour flight on expert with 787-8 with callsign SANDWICH. I’m 59 hours into the flight, descending to SBGR.


You probably won’t get far. When I got near 70 the throttle cut


Well, not my flight but I found this guy on LiveFlight


Sydney to Shanghai Air China
10 hrs 50 mins


30 hours to submit, 11 hours is not a very long flight.


thats not my longest flight .@feurm


I was in the air for 49 hours once


Started in California, 60 hours later I was back.

I saw this thread pop up a few days ago since somebody posted and me, and few friends threw around the idea of doing a record flight. However, when I ended up taking off the only thing that was planned was that I was heading into the eastern part of Russia from Edwards Airforce Base in a C-130J.

After flying over Russia for about an hour I needed my first refuel.

After that I set route to Dubai and went to bed. Once I got up I realized that I had left heading locked and NAV off so instead of being in route to Dubai I was almost to Moscow. I ended up diverting to Egypt.

My second refuel was over Cyprus, a small island on the way to Egypt, which I ended up running a pattern around for a few minutes waiting in a tanker.

While passing through Egypt I was at about the half way point of the flight and I had taken on about 40% of the fuel I was allowed to refuel (Max plane fuel weight*3) and I started heading down to South Africa for a 10-12 hour leg while I went to class for the day.

Later on in the night right after I transitioned from South Africa to São Paulo it was time for my third refuel to make it across the Atlantic Ocean and this time the person who did the majority of my fueling was in an F-22 as an escort plane.

After that all I needed was one more refuel and I was home free. I having a tanker intercept me in central South America

After that it was a day of smooth flying through South America, Mexico, and then north to KLAX.
At about San Diego both of my tanker pilots flew up in F-22’s to give me an escort into LAX.


this my long flight


What aircraft was that in?


A380 with 3 time refull


What’s the longest duration nonstop flight possible without refueling?


@s1b2p5, the longest non-stop flight without refueling could be as high as 25 or even 26 hours in a B777-200LR. This is if you utilize things like trim, step climbing, not climbing at 5000 fpm, etc.


I’m going break 30 with the 300ER. I’m about 16 hours in atm with over 16 remaining.


Hmm… Interesting.

What settings do you have your aircraft in? (Alt, Speed, Trim). And did you take off with full fuel and no pax?


Lol yeah that’s the trick- I’m pretty sure endurance is optimized at FL160, 250KIAS and flaps 5. Trim doesn’t have an effect on AP. Max fuel, zero payload.