Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Record (30 Hour Minimum to Submit)


You can track my flight, 39+ hours is done, still 35 hours to destination, just now I made fuel stop in PHNL,
Expert server
Boeing 787-10 United airline
Username. Hamza SB
next WPT and fuel stop EGYP


I fle from Perth to narsarsuaq


EGSS to KORD and back over and over is a good route as stansted has Europe’s longest runway for low power takeoff and same for KORD


I’ve updated the times and will continue doing so as long as people send in their times.

Please note:


well then looks like I will be going for refueling at airports and looking for over 46 hours now. KLAX-OMAA to start followed by other flights from OMAA next.


Good luck!

It would be funny to see a user hold multiple attempt records on there.


Not that hard actually. I have the whole weekend open. What I would need is just to time out my landings. Might do OMAA-RJAA then RJAA-EGLL east bound. should get another 22hours on top of the 15 hours doing right now followed by a quick 7 hour “short” flight but we will see. Im interested in new routes not just records


I’ll be making my own attempt. The swim season ended so the rest of the summer is open. I’d like to break 100 hours straight but that’s going to be a hard one.


From what I heard from beta testers IF automatically shuts off somewhere around the 60 hour mark so 100 hours straight is technically impossible.


I’ve asked it before and I think Laura and Val would say otherwise ;)


Challenge accepted then


Thank you for that, for clarification the plane I used was a 777-300ER


Currently on my second leg looking to break my nearly 47 hour mark. Landed in OMAA from KLAX and now heading to YSSY. Will stop there again then head on another flight to destination TBD but that leg will also be another 14-16 hour flight. Then will cap it off with another 12 hour flight. Looking to get to 50-55 hours.

Edited: Currently 4 hours out of SEQM. Having had stops in OMAA and YSSY from KLAX. Currently at 39hr 23min of flying. Remaining trip routes: SEQM-VHXX. Estimated time of total session is looking to be around 64 hours.


@MarkAviation I submit my new longest.



OH…MY…GOSH wow I though IF cut off at 60 hours…apparently not!

Seriously though that is really impressive well done


Flight Time Rollover @BennyBoy

@USA007 updated, congrats!


72 hours 23 minutes;
Departure from:VABB
Arrival: NZNV
Aircraft: KC-10


Levet’s Equator Trip 1.0

My first attempt at the “Equator Route” was a success. Had to stop for fuel twice since headwinds weren’t in my favor most of the trip and I had to teach a class at my firehouse for a few hours before wrapping the flight up.

Not sure what my next challenge will be but this would definitely be fun to try with different aircraft and possibly a refueling type mission with military aircraft.


Do you see at the bottom it says “Flight Time 72:23”


Also, I’d believe a moderator or any form of staff. They’re not here to lie :)