Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Record (30 Hour Minimum to Submit)


Some people say that the longest flights are from Heathrow to JFK
Is this true?


7 hours it not a long flight…
That’s 23 hours short of what is needed to submit.

Either your joking or you’ve been seriously mislead. Heathrow to JFK is one of the shortest popular international flights on IF.


Is this Singapore airlines???


Now I’m flying from the KJFK to the WSSS ,and I still have fuel for 3 hours (it is possible to change route ) and it looks like it will be more than 24 hours … let’s see …


804 hours I dont think its the most though


Unfortunately my app crashed on the last leg so I don’t have an exact time, but I did NYC to Singapore, back, and about halfway there again…


Just landed. As a result, it turned out 28 hours 10 minutes without landing and without refueling! One way! Flying to the west in one direction! Boeing 777-200er (yes!yes!)
Before the flight, I had a fuel reserve of 139,000 kilograms. 250 pax +10 tons cargo
By setting the correct step climb.

Initially, I chose the route from New York to Sydney, but on the 12th flight hour I realized and thought that I would finish the trip to Singapore. Almost flying to Singapore, the wind changed a lot and there were 100 knots in my direction! And here I had a huge amount of time! the fuel consumption amounted to 777-200er was 3400 kilograms(At the best possible time) per minute! It is very cool !
Counting on time, I would fly to Dubai, but in India the wind changed sharply (oncoming) 130 knots! And I decided to land in Mumbai with 600 kilograms of fuel! 0_0 The total route generated approximately 14,500 miles

Important ! The entire flight was recorded , but 2 hours before landing came notification that the memory on the device was over! Previously, I released 100 gigabytes specifically for this flight, (iPad pro) but this memory was not enough! it is very sad ! I was really angry, because everything was going right!

One more moment, precisely for these 2 hours before landing, I lost contact with LIVE SERVER (at the top right in the corner you can see the red sign!) ,I do not know how to explain why the connection was interrupted, although with the Internet everything was fine! and after the completion of the flight it turned out only 26 hours, although on the screen you can see 28 hours 10 minutes
At the landing, I decided to still shoot at least part of the fact that it was clear that the flight was 28 hours! Link to the video below!

Conclusion !

Make the flight more than 30 hours really in one direction without refueling!
It remains only to choose and calculate the correct route with tailwinds at a certain time! There are some services that help me in this!
It remains only to remove everything from my device , and I hope next time you see a 30-hour video flight )

Not everything is always according to plan and how you want) Thanks for attention !


Attempt number 2.
Now I’m flying east

It remains to fly 14,500 miles
I think this time the flight takes 30 hours ( NO LANDINGS ! NO REFUEL! ) Just one way ! !
Let’s see what the wind will tell us!


Evryone is Saying THERE longest Flight.

That’s not even more then 30 Hours. ONLY Submit A Comment if it’s Longer then 30 Hours.


That’s one long flight :)


PANC-NZAA flying not the pacific route, but the Canada-Iceland-London-Germany-UAE-India-Singapore-Perth-Sydney-Auckland route.

Overall flight time: 43 hours
Aircraft used:A380
Fuel left upon landing: 0%, 12 minutes
Speed: 260 kts
Alt: 39,000 ft


Wow!!! What altitude did you cruise at???


Read the edit @BennyBoy


Im guessing you had 0 pax and 0 cargo


No i had 800 PAX, and 0 cargo


Then how were you able to fly for 43 hours!!

Or was this not non-stop?


As you can see, slim to none i landed with almost no fuel. No more words, how was i able to know the A380 can fly that long in IF?


Dont act like people dont know that work around. Do it legitimately


I flew from Los Angeles to Beijing. 12hr, 1 min. (I slowed down and went faster along the trip).


That is not 30+ hours. Please only submit a flight if its longer than 30 hours.

Thank you