Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Record (30 Hour Minimum to Submit)






17 hours QANTAS-001
My longest flight


17 hours is not more than 30 hours


In progress right now
LFPG-LLBG hopping around the North Pole
Should be about 27-28 hours long
Track me, TS1, F-DANO


My first flight, from Jakarta (CGK/WIII) to Panama (MPTO/PTY). flying for more than 20 hours, using Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, distance 10.415nm


Some of the longest flights are from Heathrow to Perth


How is someone able to do this non stop and get 30hrs without refuiling?


What is the record for the longest non stop flight in global currently?


It would be around the 24 hour mark. That’s the most I have achieved without refuelling.


Impressive! With which aircraft?


My personal record is 24 hours 20 minutes with no refuelling, though I did crash. With one fuel stop, 45 hour flight time.
If you can’t make a 30 hour flight then put it on the other longest flight thread. This one is for people who try to break records, not for 10 hour Atlantic crossings

@captainmalik no, 16hours is just a bit more than half of what is needed to submit a record.


With the B777-200LR. The -300ER gets to 24 hours sometimes but again it all depends on the weather and the way you climb. If I try and fly for as long as possible then it would be far longer but the LR easily gets past 24 hours, not sure the exact time I got though.


What route did you fly


I think the a380 can do a lot more hours then the 777


Than* and no, the A380 is a terrible aircraft and even if it could, it’s broken and can’t be used on flights without the risk of 100tons of fuel going in 5 hours.


Cough cough


WOW! Thats impressive. Did you fly west or east?

I’m guessing east becuase of tailwinds.


Winds do nothing to increase flight time