Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Record (30 Hour Minimum to Submit)

Do you think you’ve flown the longest flight in the game(flight time)? Then PM me and I will put it in this thread. I will make this a top 3 and update the records asap if someone submits a higher flight time. My personal record is 23 hours. I fly on my phone so I can’t do too long flights because I use my phone for other stuff too.
You can also discuss a few personal records you have got in a reply even if you don’t have over 30 hours :)

There was another thread but the user said that he will not be updating the records, which is why I’m making this one:

Note: You must have over 30 hours of flight time at least to submit because I know some people who have got more than that.

You will of course need proof of your record:

  • Screenshot
  • Username of the person that got the record
  • Flight info(i.e route, plane, any stops)

Just PM me with these 3 listed above and I’ll put it in this thread, Thanks!

Current Top Three

  1. @Jet_Airways_995 - 72H23M - VABB-NZNV (mid-air refueling) - KC-10
  2. @USA007 - 63H40M - KLAX-OMAA-YSSY-SEQM-VHXX - 777-300ER
  3. @Levet - 47H26M - HUEN-HUEN (stops unknown) - UFO

Please note: refueling is allowed, the only stat taken into account is the flight time shown in the bottom bar. Please ensure this is visible when submitting your log.


YSSY -WSSS (4-11)
WSSS-EGLL (11-1)

EGLL-VOBL (1-11)
VOBL-EGLL (11-9)

EGLL-SAEZ (9-10)

60 HOURS - 777

Will do these flights this weekend. Should place pretty well on that leader-board :)


9AM - 10PM = 13 hours.


All I need is a few GAF guys and some non-busy time and I’ll be off on a voyage.


Well actually it isn’t. I’m just setting it on 30 hours for now so I can get started. What I mean with longest flight time is how much you can get on the “flight time” thing.


The longest flight in IF was performed by @USA007 (I think) in a KC-10. It was around 45 hours long… I’ll have to check for the actual time.


Found it

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He was in the air the whole time, just used refuelers. I wouldn’t call it cheating.


I would certainly call it cheating. The longest flight should be no refuelling of any kind, just continual flying through the sky. That way the record is limited to the 24 hour mark


I still have not got a single pm lol, other than what @DiamondGaming4 said. I will put that in the thread in a minute

I’ll think about that, @AndrewRG10.

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Now my question is, what if someone took a long time flying, but going really slow? (just a question, not trying to get nominated). I bring it up cause I just did a flight and when I slowed down to descend still carrying about 90% fuel, it said I could fly for like 40hrs? Lol

Yes cause hand flying a tanker for 1 hour each refuel is cheating. No aircraft can go 30 hours without refueling. Also might want to put down longest distance travelled. I had a flight of 21hr 45 min in a B77w that travelled a distance over 13000nm from HECA to KBOS east bound.


Hmmmm funny I flew the 77LR at zero everything but fuel and nevr got those numbers. How about you throw in an actual screenshot to prove that. I knkw from beta testers that they have not found an aircraft that can fly over 24 hours even without pax/cargo.


the 77L in this app is pretty different.
i think 77W flys longer

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Too tempting to test. I’ll do it tomorrow.

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77W definetly flies longer. I took the 77L for an empty pax flight and it crashed at 24 hours. I got the 77W with pax and cargo to 23 hours, it’s got the better range.

Though I’ve found both planes have 20,000kg of fuel less than simbrief says. And simbrief has also said the 77W will be 37,000kg short of fuel for Auckland to Barcelona yet the plane makes it there.

Does that include stopovers or just direct?

Auckland-Barcelona-Auckland, fuel stop in Barcelona. Both times over Asia making the first leg 22h54m long. Second leg by my math was 22h15m hours long

Device started to have lag spikes in the last few minutes of the flight, may have had before I wasn’t watching it too much. May have done 50-60 hours if I restarted my device beforehand


I have a new flight i did. KJFK-WSSS 10,028nm, flight time: exactly 21 hours and 28 minutes. Screenshot_20180511-211659Screenshot_20180512-190057


Yeh that’s nealry 9 hours off.