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Hello everyone!

Does anyone know where I can find a high-quality logo of Infinite Flight in both colours? Also, does FDS to use their logo on t-shirts of VA’s, for example?

Thanks you very much for your help in advance!

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I don’t believe they want their logos used on merchandise.


I asked Jason for permission, and he told me that they do not allow the use of the official Logo on third Party merchandise. The reason is simple, as they do not want it look like they are sponsoring a certain VA or VO. Hope this helps.

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Oh, okay. Thanks a lot for your help!


Always :) you still can create your own Logo though, just do not take any parts of the official one in it :)

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But there are Infinite Flight T-Shirts?..

Mika, I believe Artem wants to create something of his own and doesn’t want to commit infringement.

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I know, but how about this?

Why can they sell the T-shirts if you can’t use the logo?

thats because it is an official IF Merchandise :) And believe me, as Infinite Flight LLC owns the copyright of their Logo, they certainly can sell their own Merchandise :P


Infinite Flight LLC sells the shirts and they own the logo :)


I want to create stash for easyJet Virtual and was wondering if I was allowed to use their logo on it to underline that we are for Infinite Flight.

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As I said, we did not got permission to use the official logo in anyways due to reason allready stated above. If you still want to try, I`d ask Jason, as he is Marketing Manager for Infinite Flight LLC

Unfortunately permission to use the logo in that capacity will be denied.

You have to understand that logos and marketing is a slippery slope. If you do it for one, you have to do it for all. Once the logo is out there you lose control over what and how the logo is used. You don’t want someone to misunderstand that you are somehow representing the company. Infinite Flight sanctioned the shirts for amazon which is why there is a limited supply. They are however looking into the possibility of new merchandise sales in the future.

This message was approved by Jason.


Alright, that’s fair enough. Thanks a lot for the info!

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