Infinite Flight Logbooks - Visualised

See GitHub for a better resolution

Only top 10,000 flights were in the source data. The color of the airport, as well as its circle radius, is calculated from the amount of flights to and from it, or, rather, the sum of “weights” of all flights to and from the airport. The line thickness represents the flight’s weight. The flights are one-way, meaning flights LAX ✈︎ SFO and SFO ✈︎ LAX are represented by 2 separate lines.

Data compiled by @Cameron, code by me and available on GitHub


Now that’s cool!

WOW! Looks amazing

My goodness, this is so freaking cool Alex! I wonder how the “lower lip” on the Atlantic Ocean (North) came to be. I would’ve expected much stronger lines along the Atlantic tracks (East USA <-> Europe). Can’t wait to see what you’ll build next!


A lot of it seems to be flights to Australia or trans-pacific hence you’ll see flight going east from the US to Asia / Oceania :)

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Damn, should have clarified it in the post. The paths are not geo-accurate, as seen by flights between Hawaii and Asia, for example. Hopefully the drawing above would explain what’s going on

This is partly due to my fascination with Figure 4 here, which was the style that I ripped off was going for.


Which airport is the busiest? Looking at this, I think it will be EGLL or KLAX

I’ll spare everyone the questions and give the top 10 airports

  1. KLAX
  2. EGLL
  3. KSFO
  4. KJFK
  5. LFPG
  6. EHAM
  7. RJTT
  8. OMDB
  9. EDDF
  10. KATL

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