Infinite Flight - Logbook

Dear everyone,

As you know, Global is finally around the corner and the update should be available this week.

We’re all excited to get this new version of Infinite Flight, this 2.0 version will be spectacular.

But before getting the update, it’ll be cool to keep some memories of the current version. It’ll help us to compare the huge step of the next version and to look at what we were used to play !

I’m sure in a few months you’ll laugh very hard when you’ll see all those pictures! It’ll be funny for sure !

So, I suggest you to share bellow, every screenshot relevent to you and add if you want, a little message and the date of the screenshot!

I’m sure that it’ll be an interesting experience to look at that later this year ;-)

Have fun everyone and take care !

For example :

Credit to @QantasQA_RBLX for the picture ;-)

Nice, all the shots could be made into a timeline gallery. I wish I took some screenshots when I first got the app and it had the old UI :/

Yesss. Something to show my great great grandkids When I have kids!

This will probably be my most original one. We were all in a discord call!


Let’s keep it to the current topics available for pics. We don’t need another one slammed with pics :)