Infinite flight loading times upwards of 45 mins

Hi there, I am concerned as to why infinite flight has loading times of up to 45 mins, I am concerned with the app more than anything as to the fact that the iPad is fully updated, and so is the app, I have tried restarting the app and restarting the device, deleting the app and reinstalling it, and also disconnecting and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi. Despite all of this the app is still in loading times of up to 45
Mins, this issue just started and is really annoying because when I pay a lot of money for a subscription and what I paid for is not working I feel like I got robbed, I know that is not the intention but that is what is essentially happening right now. iPad 8th generation and IOS 17.2

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Hi there!

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues.

This seems to be the first report of its kind.
45 minutes isn’t normal. Quite the opposite.

Have you checked the quality/speed of the network connection?
Have you tried a different (Wi-Fi) network?

The app needs a stable connection in order to work properly.

You stated this just started happening.
Maybe a service provider is experiencing a temporary data interruption somewhere?
Your Wi-Fi is just the first piece of equipment on a very long list of network nodes between you and IF’s servers.

There could be a temporary outage anywhere along the route.

Start with checking your current connection by using an app to test the speed.
Also try a different network.
Hope this helps.

This has happened to me before as well but only when trying to fly with particular aircraft, this was a week ago and has seemed to have stopped.

Thanks for all the help, this seems to be a poor Wi-Fi connection at my house, thanks!

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Yeah, this loading time was in a 787-9 in the aeroEuropa livery so idk if this is a plane issue because now I’m trying to spawn at IAD in a 737-800 and it won’t spawn so… I’ll check my Wi-Fi I guess…

You’re welcome. 🙂
I hope you’ll find a way to improve the Wi-Fi performance so you can enjoy the app again. 🤞