Infinite Flight Loading Screen Material?

Taken on a flight from the cold planes of Iceland to the stormy pastures in Scotland. Do you think any of them are Loading Screen Worthy!!? Please feel free to comment!!

BIKF-EGPO, casual server, sunset-late night.

  1. Takeoff

    2/3 Cruise

    4,5,6 landing in 40 knot crosswind (with alternate edit)

Not a big commercial aviation guy… but hats off to the Devs! Love the new plane!


Love the editing 😍


Personally, I think number 1 could be a loading screen! It’s getting ready to be my background. Lol

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Nice editing! I highly doubt they’d put edited pictures on the loading screen, though.


Judging by the past and current loading screens Infinite Flight have implemented, all of them have been raw screenshots, and unedited artwork, despite your editing skills being outstanding I doubt it’s loading screen material.

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Wow! This is some of the best editing I’ve. seen!

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asking for permission to use first picture as Locksreen wallpaper

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I’d be honored! ☺️ @SunDown

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I don’t feel they’d want to put edited photos into their loading screens. I’m pretty sure they’ll stick with unedited photos to show what you will see in game. These are really well done photos though!


Definitely got to go for the 3rd picture

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I am crying with happiness right now, oh my god, LOOK AT THE 3RD ONE
i just i got to put it as my wallpaper

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My, my, my!

Now this is amazing! Great edits, they look so good!

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You may be the most skilled editor I’ve ever seen. Amazing job

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Thanks everyone:) I am not that skilled, I just work smarter, not harder. Lol. Use a very easy to use app.

I know they won’t use edited pictures… but man, if they did… or when clouds come!

the second cruise one is absolutely gorgeous

Wow I hope we can have it next year.