Infinite Flight Livestream Tracking Thread

(ADMINS LET ME KNOW ASAP IF NOT ALLOWED) Ok guys so i am starting to livestream inf8nite flight every other day at least. I want to make it to where you can post that you are streaming and people can go check it out. I use YouTube gaming. My account is Hadenjohnsongaming.(AGAIN ADMINS LOCK AND DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED ASAP BECAUSE IM TRYING HARD TO REACH TL2 SO I CAN REGISTER MY VA.)

The best place for this stuff is:

Maybe here?

Ok thanks I didnt know of that thread

I’ll see but leave this up until an admin checks it out

@Balloonchaser dang you just beat me to it!

No because this is for livestreams that’s videos and pictures.

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Someone tried to make a livestream tracking thread a while ago. The mods said to just use the video tracking thread, instead.


Ok well I still want to wait just to make sure but thanks

Tracking thread ^