Infinite Flight Livestream - Ended

Livestream Ended


Oooo cool this is a good idea I’ve never seen this before. Infinite flight live stream.


Coming now!


I was watching!! Looks incredible. Everything is so clear and your music choice is amazing! Keep up the good work


Thx :) i am getting more music soon

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How do you do it? You would be an amazing IFOCC!

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Its air server and then i have my recording software

Is air server jail broken?

No lol its apples software

Okay, how much does it cost?

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7 days are free and i think its like Β£8

Okay, is it free?

Is it over?

No, it’s not over right now.

is now but i am going to lifestream more in a bit in the london region

Woah dude, that landing tho.

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Nice video

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thanks i am livetsreaming again in a few minuets i am just fixing some behind the scenes stuff

  • You overshot the ILS cone, get a wider intercept
  • You set Flaps to 30 from 0 on final
  • You had like 190kts on final
  • You were far too high on final
  • You made a 3-wheel landing

Over all, you should have just went around and re-tried.
Do you know how to use your HUD?


And here comes critics. Please listen to him before you blow up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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