Infinite flight livery

I think IF should create a community contributed livery app. People reading this could copy and paste the livery into a third party app and then transfer it onto IF and download onto their aircraft. I know Rortos flight simulator has something similar. I’m not saying RFS is better then IF, IF is 10x better and is way more realistic. The only con are the missing liveries IMO. I tried to put this in the features but I’m not trust lvl 2 yet 😢

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I understand that this post was made in good faith, and I personally am a fan of seeing a community-contributed livery. However, the idea has been floated around the community a number of times already, and could be found through topics like these.

As for having third-party developed liveries imported into Infinite Flight and brought to the market from there, there are a number of hurdles that has to be cleared before it is viable, though, you can still take a look at that here.

I am looking forward to seeing a post in the #features category soon though, you only have to remain active on the forum and you’ll soon have the ability to create a feature post there.

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I gave Marc a vote!

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