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Hey everyone!
As I’m sure you all know, it’s easy to see what liveries are available for a specific aircraft but it’s not easy at all to search for aircraft that have a specific livery! I used Google Sheets to make a search tool that lets you do just that. You can enter the name of a livery (usually the name of the airline) and it displays all the aircraft that have that livery. It is VERY helpful for the weekly Expert server airline HUBs focus, FNF, and other airline themed events when you want to find the right aircraft to fly. It’ll even run really well on your smartphone too with the google sheets app.

I’ve really enjoyed using it and it’s been a massive help for me and so I wanted to share it with the IF community. It is currently up to date with the latest patch and will be kept up to date with each release. Let me know what you guys think!


Just saw it, and it’s GREAT!!!


Took a peek and it looks great!
It does seem you are missing a PANAM 747.


PAN AM is included. It should be available to select from the drop down list. All the liveries are sorted alphabetically too so if you’re still having trouble finding it let me know.

It’s great job but I couldn’t open this file in google sheet app !

Are you logged into a google account when you open the google sheets application? I believe to use this spreadsheet on a smartphone you need to be logged in with a google account, unlike on a desktop.

Just so that there’s not confusion, only 4 cells on the spreadsheet are editable. The 3 dropdown lists on top of the livery search table on the ‘livery table’ tab of the sheet, and the comments/suggestions box on the ‘Aircraft & Livery Data’ tab of the sheet. Everything else is locked and just viewable. All you should really need to change are the search boxes above the table to search for liveries on aircraft anyway!

The newly added liveries have been included in the spreadsheet! You can easily find them highlighted in green as shown below.

Additionally, when searching for one of the newly added liveries using the search bars, the aircraft they appear on will also be highlighted in green as shown below!

Thank you to everyone who uses this database!! I’m encouraged seeing how it is helpful to some :)
As always if you have any questions, let me know!

How did I not see this before? Thanks, @KSJCRampAgent!

Yeah, I’m going to give this topic a little bump. :)

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The much awaited Bombardier CRJ-700 has just landed in Infinite Flight and is now made available to the public! The Infinite Flight Livery Search spreadsheet has been updated and now includes the CRJ as well as all of its liveries. You can easily find them highlighted with a bright green background :)

I hope you enjoy using it to help you pick your flights!
As always if you have any questions, let me know.

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New Update!

The following liveries have been added under the Airbus A320-200 on the spreadsheet and can be easily found highlighted in green:

  • British Airways
  • Peach Aviation
  • QantasLink
  • WOW Air


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The following liveries (and aircraft) have been added to Infinite Flight! And with that, the Infinite Flight Livery Search Tool has been updated to highlight these new liveries. Enjoy! :)

CRJ-900 A318 A319 A320 A321
Air Canada ACJ Livery 5 Azerbaijan Airlines Aer Lingus Air Canada
Air One Infinite Flight 2018 Eurowings Allegiant Air British Airways
American Eagle Lufthansa Cebu Pacific
Bombardier House Colours LATAM Qatar
China Express Airlines TAP Wizz
Delta Air Lines
Iraqi Airways
Lufthansa (2018)
Lufthansa Cityline
Northwest Airlines
Tunisair Express

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The Infinite Flight Livery Search Tool has been updated for version 18.4!
The following aircraft liveries have been added:

CRJ200 CRJ1000
Air Canada Express Air France (Brit Air)
American Eagle Arik Air
Aruba Airlines Binter Canarias
Belavia Belarusian Airlines Bombardier House livery
Delta Airlines Garuda Indonesia
Infinite Flight HOP!
J-Air Iberia (Air Nostrum) New
Kendell Airlines Iberia (Air Nostrum) Old
MexicanaLink MyAir
Northwest Airlines SKYTEAM (Garuda Indonesia)
South African Express
UTair Aviation



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