Infinite Flight Livery Routes

Quick question. What routes do we use with the Infinite Flight liveries?? They are in the game but I don’t know where to fly with the livery.

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Wherever you please. They’re obviously not based off a real world aircraft so they’re not the most realistic liveries. So maybe use them as private jets :)


I suggest treating them like private jets, fly them into whatever airport that can handle them

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The IF liveries are like private liveries. For me, I imagine myself transporting some buddies to different places. Short haul, long haul, whatever.

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That’s unrealistic.

That’s the point of the liveries… what else are they for?

Is Infinite Flight an airline with established routes? No.



The IF’s livery is virtual, there are no established routes for them.

Ok so I can pretty much fly whatever route without having to worry about realism

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If I wanted to fly Basel - Ajaccio for example, I would fly with EasyJet because the route is operated with that IRL.

Exactly. Have fun!

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We’re talking about IF livery though…

Feel free to PM me for further discussion.

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Ok thank you!

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You’re welcome :)

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Oh, I think I misunderstood the question then. In that case, I suggest using them on routes you want to imagine. Like I used it for when I flew Montreal - Samedan since that isn’t a real world route.


Use it for whatever route you want! Doesn’t matter :)

And no one will think less of you if you use it on a route that is operated by a real world airline.


Ok thank you!!


My personal favorite Infiniteflight Livery Aircraft is the Cessna Citation X, I love flying with it around the Bahamas and Hawaii! Flying over New Zealand is nice too! Have fun!


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