Infinite Flight Livery MMUN Approach

Does anyone else like to use the infinite flight livery? I personally think it looks stunning and needs to be on more planes. Now I’m no screenshot master, but I thought I would share these with you on my quick flight to MMUN:

Entering Downwind with TWO A380s in the distance

Parallel approach to 12R with a Delta A330

Touchdown! Check out that long line for takeoff!

My flight has just ended, but another is always beginning…

Also props to whoever the controllers were, you did an excellent job at managing the heavy traffic. I was infinite Flight 420.


Approximately what time did you land?

About 10 minutes before I posted this I would estimate.

Ah ok. In that case, I wasn’t controlling. Very nice photos though!

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Thank you! These are definitely some of my best screenshots so far; hope to find you controlling one day!

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I like this phrase

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Thanks, so do I! It sounds like a quote from a wise person or something…

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Nobody’s going to talk about that callsign? Okay lol. Nice picture though.

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I am going to do a flight with the IF livery on the Dreamliner tonight and fly it into Miami for a nice morning landing.

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Please, I promise you I didn’t pick that Numebr because of that…

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Yay! Glad to see someone else that flies the IF livery

What about it?

If you don’t know, keep it that way. This really isn’t a place to discuss that topic.


Absolutely great photos and I like the line where you said “ My flight has just ended, but another is always beginning “ its really crazy how huge this game is and every minute someone is either landing or taking off