Infinite Flight livery for the Cessna 172

The title says it all, the idea might seem a little ridiculous but it would be a nice little feature.
In case you can’t read the title for some reason, the idea is a Infinite flight Cessna 172 livery.


Wait, do you want the Cessna 172 (because we already have one), or do you want more liveries for the Cessna?

A livery for the current cessna 172.

He wants an Infinite Flight livery for the Cessna 172

That would be cool:)

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Aha! Okay, to me it sounded like you were requesting the plane, but I understand now. I guess this would be a side project. When the devs aren’t too busy, they could find more liveries for the Cessna 172 and implement them into the simulator.

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Great! Where is hub operations?

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This and the other Skyhawk liveries would be great in my opinion

May I suggest changing the title to ‘Infinite Flight livery for Cessna 172’? Wasn’t sure what the topic was about until I read it, a bit ambiguous.

That said, I’d support this, for sure

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Fixed the title :)

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Great Idea, Cessna livery With IF old logo.

@turkish534… My friend, create another feature request about this Turkish Cessna C-172! This is off topic.

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It would help if you vote for your own topic as if you don’t, it seems like you don’t really want it.

It would also help if you don’t bump up year old topics saying that they didn’t vote for it. Because votes weren’t enabled back then…

Just sayin’


If this were added with the 788 FDS style livery it would be gorgeous ❤