Infinite Flight Livery E190

Hello, IFC!

A friend thought it would be neat to see the IF livery on the E190, and I thought so too! So now that we know that the Embraers will be reworked, why not add this wonderful livery to the game?
Infinite Flight - Wikipedia
Embraer E-Jet family - Wikipedia
Art by AvioesEJogos

If you would like this livery as much as I do, make sure to vote!

Thank you and happy holidays 😊


This would be amazing! We haven’t seen a new IF livery in a long time, so we need this. :)


oh wow you got my vote


Definitely cause i think we should get more of these like private liveries so when you fly a plane with this livery for example you feel like you fly a private jet which is awesome


My votes are tight these days 🥲
But this livery has my heart! ❤️


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Another great piece of work we’re not able to see anymore from Juegos 😔. Would be nice to have another Infinite Flight livery tho!


Totalmente de acuerdo. Me gusta

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I just voted for this livery! Hopefully it’s added when E190 rework happens.

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Looks very nice, ngl. Got my support!

Voted, i like post 2015 InfiniteFlight liveries

Nice! Whether on the E175 or the E190 or both, the addition of this paint would be nice. I don’t have votes at the moment, but I support the idea.

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Bump! Is this allowed though?

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