Infinite Flight Livery Design Team (IDEA)

This is just an idea but I believe having a livery designing team would be a good opportunity for Infinite Flight gain more liveries for newer/older aircraft. How I see it working is community designers that already make liveries for Xplane11 such as myself could be in a team of about 20 or so that make liveries which would free up the devs of liveries. However, of course, we have the people who aren’t serious about the livery creating which is why a selected amount of people would be chosen which would probably be the people already creating liveries. These people can create liveries that have been requested on the community or if the devs want them to work on liveries for upcoming aircraft. Once the liveries are complete a Dev would screen them just like Jetphotos and look for any mistakes or small things that need to be fixed in the liveries. The liveries would then come out in the next update when a new aircraft or slightly reworked aircraft is released and the liveries added to the game could total to about 30 - 60+ liveries making the community happy. I’m only throwing this idea out there as maybe a possible future thing. The liveries, of course, would not be peoples own liveries but real world liveries that currently exist such as the new Qantas liveries for their A380’s, 787’s,
Dash 8’s and 717’s.

It would basically work like the beta team however its a livery design team. I understand there are already designers that are getting paid to make them but having the extra 20 or so people could free up their time to work on harder and more complex liveries such as the Japan airlines liveries or the Qantas 747 aboriginal liveries. This idea would also help free up the feature requests for liveries and we could see more aircraft requests. The members of this team could be assigned an airline, specific livery or an aircraft to make liveries for the game. It would be a huge gain for Infinite Flight making a happier community and freeing up the devs for more work on aircraft so we get a bit of both.

The idea is simple and again I’m just throwing this idea out there for the proper livery designers to help the devs add liveries to the game. For those who think this is official, this is not an official post but just a simple request/idea.

If you made it this far thanks for reading and have a nice day :)

Infinite Flight has an internal team of aircraft skinners. These are some highly talented people who do a fantastic job on the liveries. Having as you say “20 people” would not work. There’s actually a huge process behind creating the aircraft that you see in the app when you get it and these people know how to make an awesome livery with time and effort.


I don’t mean to be a downer, but if I was a Livery Designer for IFLLC right now, I’d be kinda bothered a bit. The designers work harder than you think they do and they listen to every single vote made on this forum, so they will know when to add something based on the community’s needs.


At the moment the liveries are done by professional people who work directly for FDS, and they do an amazing job and livery design is not the only thing that they do.

If you would like to do something for IF and you like editing maybe the airport editing could be something interesting?


I understand the difficulty as i am a livery designer myself but as i said its just a idea nothing more than a simple idea

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Already do that, Im not saying they dont do a great job all im saying is it frees up time and as i said its nothing more than a simple idea


Understood and an interesting idea. Someone working from FDS directly can best reply to this.


I already understand the process of making liveries as I am a livery designer for Xplane 11. Currently working on a Cessna 172 crash dumby livery :)

I also just realized that I barely explained how complex it is. I’m creating a livery with like a trillion dots. I am getting a headache at looking at so many dots however this is one of my easier liveries and really just doing it for fun.


@Bobby and I actually brought up this proposal to the developers last year. This is something we were both interested in.

Here’s what they had told us:


I too contacted IFLLC suggesting that they should be using the Design Your Own Airline or Repaint thread to their advantage, and they said it was a good idea, but would be difficult to keep an even standard. I myself would be very happy at the opportunity to design liveries because I am good at it, but all me and the others can do is hope that the staff notice us and our work. Sorry to be a downer 😐


I was thinking about this the other day and I wanted to make IF liveries.But like hoe Aeronut said they have to be done by proffessional people (altho I can learn)

This is not something you learn in a few days or weeks or months, especially not if you don’t have the option to make it a full time job.


Even making the ones I do take time to learn, it isn’t something super easy

I have lots of experience with livery making :) but i like to do the liveries no one really thinks about like older airlines or forgotten airlines