Infinite Flight LiveFlight App!

I recently found out that this app actually does exist and I was able to track my own flight on Infinite Flight. It’s such a good idea. I loved it. But it hasn’t been updated in a while and it has some glitches (like can’t load destination or ETA, and real time updates aren’t a thing). Has anyone else tried using this? By the way, this current flight over here isn’t mine😂

@MishaCamp you deserve my respect:)

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I think hundreds of people if not thousands have used it as it’s been out for years now. Glad you like it.


It’s truly an amazing app. Just needs a bit more polishing:)!


I got a similar app for Android. It is very old, but it still works fine!

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You’re right… This app has an outstanding idea simulating the FlightRadar24 app for real flights tracking… However; as you’ve mentioned; it needs some polishing and performance improvements for better use

dont forget the creator and developer of the app @Cameron. his work for both IF and LF are second to none.
its an absolute privilege to know him on a personal level


As far as I’m aware, your final flight plan fix needs to include your airport destination (KLAX, CYVR, etc) in order for the ETA to show up.


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