Infinite Flight Live would log me out.

Every time I would play Infinite Flight Live, a message will appear saying there is another person with the same account as me. Consequently, I am logged out of Infinite Flight Live. This is an issue that occurs every single time. Can someone please help? 😞

You might want to contact the support centre they will definitely help in anything you have to say

Thank you. How might I do that?

Here are the steps
1exit the page and you should find
2click on it and scroll to the button you should find this

3lodge your complaint and FDS should reply in no time

Champion. Thank you so much! πŸ˜„πŸ˜€

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No problem

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There is no need to contact support, as this category is specifically for support. Someone with the answer will eventually reply to this topic. No need to send duplicates. David preferably will probably have the answer.

Thanks for the advice.

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