Infinite Flight Live won't Work

So I purchased a few months of flight live a month or two ago. It wouldn’t come through even though I had spent the money. Just today I signed in using Facebook (I was previously using Google) and tried purchasing Live again. It didn’t come through either. So I pressed I already have a subscription and it said had found a subscription on my old account. So I logged into that and still, no subscriptions. I have wasted around $5 today. I would like a refund or help.

The other image showing that I “don’t” have a subscription is unavailable because new users apparently can only upload one image.

Has it already expired?

The message tell you what to do : Try to log in with an account you have used in the past.

No, I don’t think so. I also just purchased one month worth today

That’s exactly what I did. Still nothing

I would contact support here
I’m sure they will be able to offer more help.

Subscriptions don’t build up… You have to wait until one expires before you buy another. Contact Apple for a refund, and contact support in the link above.

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