Infinite Flight live won't connect

i recently payed my live (not the plus) for the first time, as iget in the app i choose “fly online” the go to choose “sign up with google” and it stays logging in and contacting server and in facebook login i put all the information and says accoun inexistent

PLS help

thank you

Hi there, close the Infinite Flight app and reset/restart your device. Make sure you login in with the account info that you utilized to purchase your live subscription.


Ill try it right away>>>>

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still ,internet and re download, and nothing :(

Try refreshing your devices network settings.

@puma30498 can you confirm you are on wifi, this problem as occurred for me in the past on data then as soon as you go to wifi it works fine.

I have an iphone 5 and yes is on internet

Go to your devices settings:

General→Reset→Reset Network Settings

reseting network settings

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@puma30498 You may have do take the next step in the support process as the link below says:

Kindly send Tyler a message ;)

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I reseted my network connection and still

I know that this is frustrating for you but just sit tight. Let one of the Staff members look a little deeper into your account.