Infinite Flight Live Tracker for Android

Infinite Flight Live Watcher Tracker for Android

Hi everyone!

So I made this little app that uses the Infinite Flight Live API to show the current flights over a google map.
It also supports the ForeFlight broadcasts coming for the Infinite Flight app so you can see yourself flying on real time (when not using foreflight your location is updated every ~30 seconds).
Currently the app is not of great quality, it will crash sometimes and probably will be slow on low-end devices.

A little screenshot:

Future stuff to do:

  • Use traffic from ForeFlight link
  • Match ForeFlight data with server data
  • Add ATC info onto the map
  • Add airports onto the map
  • Becoming millionaire
  • Add smoke and buildings

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas!


Get it on Google Play

iOS user? PC user? Go checkout @Cameron’s web app here: Announcing LiveFlight!


06/27/15 Update:

  • Added Foreflight traffic.
  • Added airports on the map.
  • Added ATC (when taping on an airport)
  • Performance improvement when using Foreflight link.
  • You can now share a flight. (Creates a link to
  • The app also opens links coming from
  • And probably added new bugs…

Man, works absolutely fantastic! This is gold right here. A lot of room for improvement but its promising. Good going sir! PS… please let it stay as it is…FREE. lol :smile:


Purely suggestion…

I think it would be better to name it as “Infinite Flight Live Watcher” :)

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or “Infinite Flight Live Tracker” ?


Its just awesome

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Yes. Live tracker would look nice

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The App really rocks.

Any plans for IOS? Looks so cool!!!


Nice one bro. Really genius.


Excellent app and great thought Valentin… this now brings a new ambience to IF

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Omg!!! This is so cool!! I love it. New Liveries aren’t recognised by the system.

Is it okay if I tell people about this? This is amazing!

PLEASE bring it to iOS!


Don’t despair iOS guys, the tracker app for iOS has been my responsibility ;) more info about that soon


@John_Preston21 The Cool Pad is a bit too low end to run this app. It might be not having a lot of memory. I might add the app on googleplay to get crash reports and fix stuff. But for now when it crashes I can’t do much about it without logs.

@Sumith_M Now the app is Infinite Flight Live Tracker. I agree it sounds better ;)

@Thomas_Galvin Sure, as long as you link to this thread directly, you can share it :)

I uploaded a new build with the new name and a 5minutes timeout message because it is mandatory for it to work with the Infinite Flight servers.

About the liveries, it will not match exactly the one that you have in game because the API does’t tell me which livery is in use.


@ValXp Very nice!

Awesome app!!

This is awesome! You mentioned you used the IF live api, whereabouts can I find documentation on this, I didn’t even know they had one, I feel a coding session coming on!