Infinite flight live subscription

I made an infinite flight subscription but it has been two hours and it still says that I need a subscription to play online so I tried purchasing it again and still nothing happened so if anyone has advice I would love to hear it

you should reset your device… if that doesn’t work, re-install the app.

if nothing… contact a staff member

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Hi @flight_nerd welcome to the community ! Im not sure how to help you with this situation , however i trust another IFC member can help…

Are you on a Apple/Android device
Do you have any receipts ?
Was there money on the card ( I know i have purchased something on a empty credit card and it looks like it has gone through , but it actually hasn’t )

Have you tried pressing restore purchases?

Was a receipt sent to the email that you set up the subscription with?

Yes it was but nothing happened still

Restart the device, the app, and then re-install if that doesn’t work, along with selecting “Restore purchases” and ensuring that you are actually signed in, on the right account that is. If none of that works, I’d give it a little time and then contact David.

Hi! Try restarting you’re device and make sure you have good WIFI connection ;)

Please stop bumping #support topics. I’ve been looking on here over the past 4 hours and everytime I come on I see another support request you have bumped

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