Infinite Flight Live Streams

Just wondering if I did live streams of IF would you all watch

update:I will now start streaming every week at least once on shou hopefully @Bulba can help me get set up username is nuoneswars

  • Yes I would watch.
  • No, I wouldn’t.

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A maybe option would be good ;)

That would make the poll a bit inaccurate, now wouldn’t it.

Defently, but talk In it or something and don’t do just one flight do multiple 👌

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I’ve done this before; stream through YouTube and embed it like so:

i was thinking of doing it through airshou but swang maybe you can teach me how to do this

Sure, you just need a phone and computer. I use a Mac, QuickTime Player, and OBS (Open Broadcast Software, I think).

Connect iPhone to Mac via cable, “New Movie” in QT Player, select phone as input
Send QT feed to OBS
In OBS’s stream settings, set your streaming service to YouTube, and enter your stream key
In order to do this, you need to have LiveStream set up in your own YouTube account, you’ll find the stream key there.
If everything is set-up, just click “Start Streaming” in OBS. Stream specifications can be addressed in OBS, but mostly in YouTube

My computer has no space xD

if anything i will stream using shou which is a free app from the appstore or playstore

Can’t help you there, bud! Can you stream live from Shou?


You can but you go on shou then.

yes you can

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