Infinite Flight Live Stream: Flying on TS1 in the SoCal region

Hello Infinite Flight community!

Today I’m doing a live stream on TS1, and I would love it to have you guys come and watch it! It should be between 2-4 hours long depending on what happens.

On this Live Stream you can request planes, and you can request routes for me to fly! It’s going to be a lot of fun so don’t miss it!


When do you start? Might be joining you.

Right now, at TNCM.

You can come along if you’d like.

Yeh, what aircraft? Will be there in a sec

I’m in an Airbus A318, Infinite Flight livery.

Eeh will be there in the same aircraft, look out for my call sign F-777

Okay, I will make sure to do so.

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Never mind, have other things to do

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You said SoCal region?

Yeah, I am right now enroute to KLAX.

Where should I fly next?

If you want to do some long flights around the region try Hawaii, I already did a 13 hour flight in that region

I’m gonna come follow in a fighter [BDPST]

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Actually, that’s a great idea for a video time lapse.

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I’ll wait for you at KSAN if you’re continuing from there

I will be doing a flight from there.

Check live stream chat for flight.

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