Infinite flight live signing up error

My infinite flight live keep telling me that it have an error creating account, it tell me to check the cridentials, can someone help me

That’s usually a connectivity error. Reboot your device to clear any cached credentials and restart the app. It may take a few goes if there’s issues between you and the server or the server and whatever you’re authenticating against (facebook/google) but if there’'s nothing wrong with the server it’ll connect eventually.

Did the reboot help? Are you up and running now?

The reboot didn’t help

You probably didn’t sign up with a valid email or a proper email. This must be put through properly, I recommend gmail!

If thats not the case you may have an internet problem my friend, live needs good internet for a connection.

I have good internet and I am also in a gmail account. I also have my own IF account so.