Infinite Flight Live refund

My sister purchase à plan live+ 53€ but I do not want how refund me please

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Thats not possible.

My sister use my tablette is not me

I think it is. Please contact a staff Member.

Where is à staff

@staff Please help this person.

Please do not tag staff unnecessarily. David, the cool guy (because we share the same name) will be with you when he can! He jumps on usually, mid afternoon! :) good day


Yep David usually solves problems like these. So just don’t contact the staff.

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Hello :-)
It seems like you’re speaking French. You can contact support here. Hope I could help.

J’ai l’impression que vous parlez français. Vous pouvez contacter la section support ici. J’espère que votre problème sera résolu.

@Ignas04: I think you shouldn’t be tagging staff just like that.

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That doesn’t work, same with @moderators

@Fabien_Deraiz Our resident support wizard @david will be in contact with you, to help you sort it out :)

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I don’t understand the issue here. If someone could outline it for me, or use a translator, that’d be great.

His sister got a Live+ subscription and he doesn’t want it. He wants a refund.

(His sister used his tablet)

well it depends what tablet he used, if its ios, contact apple and they can get you a refund thats what i did when i got the a340 and the a340 didnt download.

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Contact google or apple depending on your operating system and they can give you a refund.

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What operating system is this?

Please do not let your sister use your tablet.


yes this is true XD


Which store was used?

If ITunes, only Apple can help with a refund request. You have to contact iTunes support directly.

If GooglePlay, visit Support (be sure to click “Contact Support”) and open a ticket and attach or copy the complete Play store receipt with the request for refund of unauthorized purchase.

Thank you.


This is a scam you know.

How is this a scam?