Infinite Flight Live Prices

I just noticed that on my iPad when I clicked to see the price for Live it said that the price was now $69.99 for a year and $6.99 a month, when I just bought it a few weeks ago for $5.79. Is it true that the prices have been upped?
Note: I am in the Canadian iTunes and apple stores.

I believe Apple increased prices in Canada recently in order to account for exchange rate differences.

oh, the canadian dollar is horrible

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You can also view the prices (and make the purchase) here:

The amount is the same in US Dollars. As Cameron said, it is adjusted for the exchange rate.

Happened in Germany as well. The prices did not change a lot, but they do increase.


You should read up on it :)

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I know what’s happening with the Canadian dollar

I feel sorry for you.

Its bad, real bad