Infinite Flight live most important violations

There are so many violations in the IF LIVE. But violations is only on some servers. For example the Free Flight server 1 has no violation rules. Usually violations is for server that requires XP and Standing. Lets just say the PRO servers for Pro IF players :smile

If you fail to follow the violations than your standings will decrease and your violation number that is shown when players sees your profile increases.

Here are some Important violations that you need to always remember when you are playing IF LIVE…

  1. Taxiway speed cannot be more than 35 knots.
  2. Your plane must be in 250knots when below 10000ft.
  3. Acrobatics should not be done near any Airports.
  4. Avoid airspaces that have standing requirements higher than yours.

Some tips to make your flight safe :wink:
• Always takeoff and land heading into the wind.
• Only use green numbered runways for takeoff unless there are no other possible option and if you’re in a small uncontrolled airport.
• Use orange numbered runways if no green runways available. Orange runways indicates sidewinds.

For more related info, go to:

Thanks for reading, hope this can improve you so that you wont get any more violations. Tx :)


Be sure and specify ground speed is different than air speed. Taxi below 35kts ground speed or get a warning. Also, if I’m not mistaken the air speed limit is 260kts below 10,000ft.


Thanks for reminding me about the speed thing, the maximum speed below 10 000ft is 250knts because it says everytime in the game dont be above 250knts…

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One more is don’t block the runway right before take off or after landing.

Maybe I’m special because I fly 255kts during my climb to 10k and it never tells me anything until I reach 260kts.

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@mhhodges76 You should be getting a violation for going overspeed at 250 kts. Perhaps the server took a while to recognize your overspeed violation?

I don’t think IF is the type to give free-bees (However you spell it) :grin:.

Long live the DC-9!

So, is that a bug?

I suppose so. IF has to figure out why mhhodges76 is getting an overspeed violation at 260 kts. versus 250 kts.

What I;m thinking may be happening if it isn’t a bug is that @mhhodges76 is accelerating at full throttle straight through 250 kts. IF may have put in a “grace” period before it gives you the violation. Each time that @mhhodges76 accelerates through 250 kts. he only gets the warning when the grace period goes off, or when he reaches 260 kts.

Long live the DC-9!

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Ooooooo :sweat_smile: I like when you always say Long live DC-9! :smiley:

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Last year the developer’s included a 10 knot buffer and increased the time window to allow pilots to reduce speed in a safer and more realistic manner.

When Live first came out, a lot of people were getting a lot of speed violations.



Lol thanks. It’s one of my favorite aircraft and they are built like tanks.

Still some early build DC-9-10s flying out there and the Boeing 717s (DC-9-95s) will be flying for years to come now that DL has got their hands on 80 (Both purchased and leased).

Long live the DC-9!

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You really wished for that plane to come up in IF? :joy:

I went crazy when the 717 was released. Nothing beats the 717 in the DL, FL (RIP), or Blue1 livery.

Sadly, the last 2 are to become relic of the past (DL is eating all of FLs 717s and I’m pretty sure that the deal with Blue1 is still on).

Long live the DC-9!

C-YU Boeing707. I need to get some sleep… :scream: Its night here. Bye!

So it was increased to 260kts? I am not accelerating through to fast. I can stay at 255 forever and not get violation or warning. Matter of fact I can 280-290 without getting warning.

Are you on the Free Flight Server?

No Thomas. Playground. I can’t explain it either. I noticed this a couple weeks ago while flying with another pilot. I remember climbing up and down mountains in an F-14 and frequently exceeding the speed limit without warnings. I did eventually get a warning but it was closer to 300 kts.

Wow, thats kinda weird. It really is special for you…:) LoL!

When you get a moment could you take a snapshot of getting a warning at 250+kts? I have a theory.