Infinite Flight Live Landing Competition @ TNCM (MAX SETTINGS) 1080P60fps

join me, @Hellople @AviatorGamerYT @Mr_Shinkowitz @nathanwesthead2004 as we want you to judge who had the best landing in the comments on the channel so we can find out who is the best lander!! thanks to everyone who made it happen and dont forget to Subscribe to both channels Captain Infinite & Aviator Gamer

ENJOY guys and don’t forget to comment on the YouTube channel 👨‍✈️


Those are some cool shots of formation flying, and those landings are pretty good. @Tnel (I think), you buttered that landing, great job!

There’s no AviationGaming in the competition there was Aviator Gamer

Wait… but I’m not in there?? There isn’t even a replay of my landing :/.

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Landing com gone wrong 😬


I think what happens was that he put a wrong name

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Probably that’s the case.

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You are there bro trust me I had to find your stats for the landing 👊🏻

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As AviatorGamer said, you probably put a wrong name for a wrong landing replay. Is that correct? If so, do you know when it’ll be fixed?

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To fix it my man would be mean deleting the whole video and edit it and reupload @AviatorGamerYT should be able to help with this more 👊🏻

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