Infinite flight live issue

The expert server claims i have too many violations as i just got grade 3 but if you look at my number of online landings vs what it says in the popup its inaccurate. There is no way i have that many violations im confused and cant wait to get this resolved



Hello Connor!

Please check the post linked above as we have new requirements & expectations for our Expert Server Pilots.




Im shocked all that grinding going on 24 hour long hauls just to get it thrown back at me. Im currently training for my private pilots license and this game has really helped me practice my skills. I just want to be somewhere professional where i can experience real world conditions but i cant.

And yes i do do VATSIM but i love the convenience of on my phone

Well, you should be able to keep your violations down to be worthy of the Expert Server. Don’t complain if your skills at holding up violations are not up to par yet. Keep practicing on TS1 or Casual…

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But i feel 2 years of waiting is wayy too long 6 months is reasonable

Go do some patterns and get that landing count up! While doing that… avoid gaining violations! :)

Here is a link explaining how you get a violation:

I haven’t even had that many violations

Maybe 1 or 2 in the past month

But those violations are your total amount

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Yes. And you heard the Mod, the only way to get back in is to do a whole lot of patterns.