Infinite Flight Live has 4 years

I saw a post on Facebook and realized that yeah. I don’t know if it’s today but this is probably the week that marks the birthday on the availability everywhere « Infinite Flight Live » ! I personally signed in September 24. :)

Four years later it’s still the coolest feature on a mobile flight and that is the work of Laura, Philippe and all the rest of the FDS team so thank you FDS for this amazing feature and it’s really nice to see how it grows now with global in addition :)


I’m sure this belongs in Live, but yep its been so long since Live arrived. Great Work FDS!

I,ve put that on General because yes it’s about « Live » but it’s an « General » thing about infinite flight, not a « Live » experience or question :). Feel free to move it

Man that went by fast… I remember I was like #3 or 4 to subscribe! Happy I.F. Live!


I saw you in the high scores I remember :)
But the first was @kuawit


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